Rooting With Microbes

Every grower needs a good root mass on their plant. Whether it is for propagation and cloning, growing a large root mass on seedlings and young plants, or establishing a strong root system on a matured plant, everyone strives for a glorious root structure. It’s essential for nutrient uptake, to prevent diseases, and to maintain a healthy immunity system in the plant. The only question is, how do you achieve it? Everyone knows how to use synthetic hormones, but how can you get the same result naturally? Well, the short answer is Microbes!

For years, synthetic rooting products have been king using synthetic Plant Growth Regulators to force the plant into rooting. This can be achieved, but with the help of compounds that are possible and known carcinogens. Often enough, even after propagation, these synthetic compounds are left over in the plant, floating around until harvest where the end user consumes them via ingestion and/or inhalation. The plant does in turn develop a large root stock, but only through using chemically derived products that cannot be used for organic crop production.

Cultured Biologix, LLC. brings to the market rooting products that use beneficial microorganisms to enhance root growth either through protecting the plant from harmful pathogens, or release natural rooting agents into the soil that signal and stimulate the plant to produce larger and faster roots. This product is then paired with specific plant extracts from organic soybeans and organic Aloe Vera that signal and provide precursors that roots use to develop into natural rooting hormones. Nature always has a way.

How do microbes do it?

Pre-biotics act as food for the bacteria in the soil. Providing pre-biotics that also act as precursors for rooting compounds allow the bacteria to digest the precursors and convert them into natural rooting compounds that stimulate plant growth. Specific microbes have specific pathways for processing their foods. Certain bacteria have pathways specifically for releasing these Plant Growth Promoting compounds like auxin-based compounds which signal the plant to begin/continue root growth. With feeding the bacteria the right foods and giving the soil plant extracts, we can create a microbial ecosystem in the rooting medium to not only promote microbial growth, but also promote root growth too.

Information provided by Cultured Biologix, LLC.