How to – Using the EON Nutrient Line with Super Soil

Maximizing Super Soil Results with Cultured Biologix’s Products

In this article, we will explore how to effectively use our products in conjunction with Super Soil to enhance plant growth and maximize your results.

  1. Compost Teas: A Foundation for Vegetative and Early Flowering Stages

During the vegetative and early flowering stages, the majority of your plant’s nutrition will come from the soil. Your main goal is to ensure that beneficial microbes such as beneficial bacteria and fungi thrive in the soil, breaking down insoluble nutrients into forms that the plant can readily absorb. This is where our EZ Tea and Dr. Root come into play.

Dr. Root provides mycorrhizae, which form a symbiotic relationship with the plant’s root system and aid in the breakdown of insoluble phosphorus sources like rock phosphate and bone meal. It is recommended to use Dr. Root during transplanting or when the soil becomes too dry. You can either lightly dust the transplant hole with Dr. Root or create a liquid mixture to water in the transplant.

The EZ Tea contains a range of beneficial bacteria, specifically a blend of bacillus microorganisms capable of cycling various nutrients in your soil. Simply mix the EZ Tea with water, adjust the pH to your desired range, and water the plants. Unlike traditional compost teas, our EZ Tea does not require brewing. This allows the microbes in the tea to become active in your soil immediately, effectively consuming the soil as a food source. For optimal results, use EZ Tea once a week to maintain a high population of beneficial bacteria, ensuring a continuous supply of bioavailable nutrients for your plants.

A quick tip regarding EZ Teas: While they are designed as “baseline” instant compost teas with a preset blend of bacillus, you can enhance their effectiveness by adding additional inoculants such as ferments, EM-1, or Photo+. These additives increase the diversity of microorganisms present in the tea, further enriching your soil ecosystem.

  1. Using the EON Nutrient Line: Supplementing Soil Nutrition

Super Soils generally provide a solid foundation of nutrients for your plants. This allows you to focus on addressing specific plant needs and supplementing nutrition to support optimal growth. For example, annual flowers, like our favorite plant, often have high demand for phosphorus, potassium, and calcium, especially during the flowering stage. Supplementing with our PK Blossom, a product rich in P, K, and Ca, from the end of early flower to late flower can help promote flower development in Super Soil systems. Additionally, if certain plants require higher calcium and magnesium levels, you can use Calci-M, which delivers amino acids, micronized calcium carbonate, and magnesium directly to the root zone or foliage.

  1. Leveraging our Flagship Products: Unlocking the Power of Foliar Spraying

When working with heavily amended soils, the root zone offers limited opportunities for nutrient manipulation beyond supplements and microbial products. However, foliar spraying presents a different scenario altogether. This is where our flagship product, Dr. Growth, can make a significant difference.

Dr. Growth is a versatile growth promoter loaded with amino acids, micronized calcium carbonate, and a freeze-dried 200x aloe vera concentrate. These compounds provide essential precursors for cellular growth. Amino acids serve as the building blocks for proteins, while calcium acts as a foundational element for new cellular growth. Aloe vera acts as a wetting agent and contains natural organic molecules that activate biological activity.

To accelerate growth rates, we recommend spraying Dr. Growth once or twice a week from mid-vegetative stage to early flowering. Not only does it stimulate growth when applied to foliage, but when used in the root zone, Dr. Growth acts as a nitrogen and calcium supplement, which can be particularly useful for varieties with higher nutrient demands. Additionally, Dr. Growth promotes root growth, making it an ideal solution for varieties that struggle with root development.

One of the unique properties of Dr. Growth is its ability to facilitate intercellular exchange (ICE). This phenomenon occurs when the refined amino acids and micronized calcium penetrate the leaf tissue at a molecular level. Once inside the leaf, these organic molecules flood the fluid between cells (ectoplasm) with nutrients. The resulting higher pressure gradient around the cells drives the infusion of organic nutrition into the intercellular fluid (cytoplasm), a vital location for calcium and other elemental activity within the cells. By consistently using Dr. Growth throughout the plant’s growth cycle, you can greatly enhance the results of Super Soil cultivation.


When it comes to using Cultured Biologix’s products in conjunction with heavily amended soils, understanding the appropriate application methods and product benefits is crucial. By incorporating compost teas like EZ Tea and Dr. Root during the early stages, supplementing nutrition with the EON Nutrient Line, and leveraging our flagship product, Dr. Growth, through foliar spraying, you can optimize the potential of Super Soil systems and achieve impressive plant growth. Remember to follow the recommended usage instructions for each product and experiment with additional inoculants to further enhance your results. Happy gardening!