The New Age of Compost Teas

Since the beginning of the Earth as we know it, worms and other detrivors have been decomposing organic matter, converting it into food for essentially every living organism on the planet. The worm itself is composed of millions of bacteria and fungi on the outers of their body, and within the gut of the worm itself. These microorganisms are the work horses in the microbial ecosystem, decomposing everything around the worm into a microbial slush. The worm comes through, consumes the microbial slush, and then allows the microorganisms in the gut of the bacteria to finish breaking down the organic matter. The result is rich, dark castings (worm poop) of the worm loaded with thousands of beneficial microorganisms that help condition the soil, in turn aiding plant growth.Aerated compost teas are a way to turn worm castings (the worm poop) or compost that has high amounts of bacteria in them, and populate the bacteria for 24 to 48 hours. Once the compost/worm castings are soaked inside water for 24 hours with molasses (a form of sugar), the microbial populations grow from hundreds, to millions of colonies of bacteria. You apply this to the soil to break the nutrients down so the plant can have access to all the food in the soil. This method works great, however, it is messy, smelly, time-consuming, and most people tend to shy away from this process because of how labor intensive it is.

Cultured Biologix, LLC. brings “Instant Microbial Teas” to the market to replace this lengthy and troublesome process. Instead of starting with compost or worm castings, which has small amounts of bacteria that you must grow with aerated water and sugar, we provide a powder product that already contains millions and billions of bacteria that only require water to activate. Along with billions of beneficial microorganisms, we have formulated these “Instant Microbial Teas” to contain other ingredients that enhance plant growth in whatever stages that the plant is in. We provide a vegetative microbial tea that helps plants produce large root systems, big leaves, and healthy stems. For our blooming microbial tea, we provide ingredients that assists in budding, floral development, and resin production in the plant.

So, why does it matter?

Cultured Biologix grew tired of microbial products that had no nutrition or extracts in their substrates. We believe that plants should get a dose of plant-based food along with beneficial microorganisms to not only quickly grow microbial colonies (pre-biotics), but also grow the soil and in turn, grow the plant. Commercially producing and brewing compost teas from scratch can be unrealistic in the everyday operation of things. Cultured Biologix wanted to bring an affordable solution to hobby gardeners and commercial growers alike.

Information provided by Cultured Biologix, LLC.