The Importance of Seaweed and Freshwater Algae Extracts

Throughout the years, various manufacturing methods have been developed to extract the essence of seaweed. Most utilize harmful chemicals, like potassium hydroxide, that not only damage the environment, but are toxic to human, microorganisms, and plants alike. On top of this, seaweed products extracted with potassium hydroxide are incredibly high in potassium (10 – 17% K2O) which can antagonize and prevent the uptake of calcium, a valuable element that transports 90% of all other elements in the plant. Seaweed products also can come with a poor washing method after harvesting from the ocean, loading the kelp product with sodium salt causing plants to burn and impacts microbial growth.Currently, most of the kelp products on the market are made by digesting the seaweed/kelp from the ocean/sea in potassium hydroxide, a very harsh chemical that degrades many delicate compounds within kelp. It does extract the essence of kelp, but all the compounds that make kelp effect plant growth are destroyed in the extraction process. This presents an inferior product, but it’s cheap and that’s why everyone uses chemical extractions on seaweed.

Cultured Biologix, LLC. brings a seaweed extract to market by providing a fermented salt water seaweed and freshwater algae product by digesting in natural enzymes that break down the cell wall of the algae and seaweed. This process retains all the precious compounds that effect plant growth by utilizing organic enzymes instead of potassium loaded chemicals. Once digested, the seaweed and freshwater algae product is filtered and bottled. This process uses no harsh chemicals to extract the seaweed so all the precious compounds in the seaweed and the freshwater algae are preserved bringing to the market the purest, most potent algae product to date. With our process, we can make a potent freshwater algae and seaweed product that compares to none.

What makes the difference?

Cultured Biologix combines a washed, naturally digested seaweed extract with freshwater algae extracts to develop the most comprehensive seaweed and algae product on the market. This blend of oceanic and freshwater algae extracts provides the widest spectrum of organic compounds for plant growth. This product contains no sodium, low potassium levels, and organic compounds that have been preserved in the extraction process resulting in a kelp product that supersedes any commercial kelp product on the market.

Information provided by Cultured Biologix, LLC.