How to – Growing Autoflower with the EON Nutrient Line

Maximizing Autoflower Growth with EON Nutrients: A Comprehensive Guide

Autoflowering plants have gained immense popularity among growers, and many have turned to the EON nutrient line for optimal results. In this article, we will delve deeper into using the EON product line specifically designed for autoflowering plants. Unlike photoperiod plants, autoflowers have a shorter vegetative stage and are grown from germinated seeds in each cycle. Consequently, this eliminates the need for vegetative fertilizers and allows for a modified approach using EON nutrients, which is not only effective but also cost-friendly.

  1. Flagship Products for the Grow Cycle:

The first crucial product to mention is Dr. Root. Before planting your seeds into cubes, medium, or paper towels, it is recommended to soak them in Dr. Root for 8-12 hours. However, be cautious not to over-soak the seeds; an overnight soak is sufficient for most seed sizes. When planting the seeds, water them with Dr. Root. This product contains all the necessary elements for healthy germination and the development of robust root systems. In the case of autoflowers, a strong start is contingent upon healthy roots.

Dr. Growth is another essential component of autoflower feedings. Since vegetative products are not required, Dr. Growth serves as a high Nitrogen product to meet the plant’s nitrogen demands. It consists of a quick-release form of nitrogen and calcium, which can be combined with any blooming products to create a “vegetative” blend during the early stages of the autoflower’s life cycle.

For microbials, EZ Tea Bloom is the only product needed. Thus, there is no requirement for EZ Tea Veg, allowing for a more economical approach. Simply combine Dr. Growth with EZ Tea Bloom when preparing a tea for Tea Day, ensuring the inclusion of essential nutrients.

  1. EON Products for the Grow Cycle:

To use the EON nutrient line, you will only need Bloom360 as your base fertilizer. During the first two weeks of autoflower feeding, incorporate 5 grams of Dr. Growth along with Bloom360. This combination enhances Bloom360, transforming it into a more vegetative fertilizer. When the plant transitions into the flowering stage, introduce Calci-M. Maintain Dr. Growth throughout the early flowering stage (around week 3 or 4 of bloom). As the buds form and flowers start to bulk (around week 4 or 5 of bloom), begin using PK Blossom in conjunction with Bloom360 and Calci-M. Continue using Bloom360, Calci-M, and PK Blossom until the end of the flowering cycle. In the final week of flowering, switch to pure water, allowing the plant to utilize the remaining rock phosphate and calcium present in the soil from prior feeds.

  1. Additional Products for Enhanced Growth:

While not essential, two additional products are highly recommended. pHlush helps maintain stability in the root zone by regulating pH and electrical conductivity (EC) throughout the plant’s life cycle. It also provides a lightweight form of carbon that can be transformed into essential metabolites like terpenes and cannabinoids. Another valuable product is Mercenary, which acts as an insect repellent and effectively eradicates aphids and mites without damaging the plant. Mercenary can be applied from the seedling stage to mid-flower (approximately week 4).

By following these guidelines and incorporating the EON nutrient line into your autoflower grow cycle, you can optimize the growth and overall health of your plants. Remember, Dr. Root and Dr. Growth are critical for establishing a strong foundation, while Bloom360, Calci-M, and PK Blossom support the flowering stage. Consider pHlush and Mercenary as valuable additions to enhance plant growth and protect against pests. With these insights and products, you can cultivate outstanding autoflower plants using the EON nutrient line.