How to – Using the EON Nutrient Line with Living Soil

Cultured Biologix has recently introduced a new carbon-based nutrient line, the Evolution of Nutrients (EON), that has been gaining immense popularity among living soil systems. Tim McCormick, the formulator behind all Cultured Biologix products, explains their main goals with the EON line: to improve the soil cycle, maintain a microbially active soil, and provide low molecular weight carbon to improve the plant’s ability to synthesize secondary metabolites, like terpene and cannabinoids. In this article, we will explore the three ways that EON improves living soil systems.

Soil Quality Improvement:

The EON nutrient line contains ingredients that are biologically rated and act as microbial foods for beneficial microbes in the soil. The rock phosphate used is food for mycorrhizae to digest and provide bioavailable phosphorus to the plant. Both the humic-acid and protein-derived nutrition contain forms of carbon attached to the nutritional inputs, which serve as food sources for microorganisms in the soil. Nitrogen is derived from plant proteins, which are a carbon-based nitrogen source that feed the plant while stimulating indigenous microbial growth in the medium. The all-natural flushing agent, pHlush, improves soil porosity without harming the beneficial population, leading to an overall improvement in the health of the soil. The entire EON line uses zero chemicals that impact the population of beneficial microorganisms in the soil.

Nutrient Density and Terpene/Cannabinoid Synthesis:

The EON series allows for better nutrient density within the plant and improves the availability of insoluble nutrition that may be built up in the soil or locked inside amendments. The low molecular weight carbon attached to the nutrition in our products turns the ionic elements in the soil into a bioavailable form and improves their transport in, and through the plant. By doing this, they increase the plant osmotic pressure, increasing the water flow, transport nutrients, and photo-assimilate sugars to the plant’s organs when they require it. This means the plant can take up and process more nutrition using our line with soil amendments, leading to an overall more nutrient-dense plant. The result is a more nutrient-dense plant that has higher sap content, more flavor and contains more carbon to be converted into a variety of secondary metabolites, such as flavonoids, phenolic acids, terpenoids, and cannabinoids. 

Using CBX in Living Soils: 

The EON line can be applied to living soils in conjunction with a few other products. When first transplanting or planting seeds, lightly dust the transplant hole with Dr. Root. It is a source of aloe vera and mycorrhizae and should be used frequently in the early stages of plant growth. Dr. Root will help to ensure both a healthy root system is developed and mycorrhizal inoculation is established. Once the root system is inoculated, start feeding with the EON line once or twice a week for a burst of instantly available nutrition. This will help substitute the plant’s nutrient demands while the nutrients in the soil amendments are still becoming available. Once a week, use EZ Tea to help water in amendments and provide a spectrum of prebiotics and probiotics for the soil. The instant compost tea provides everything in a compost tea, in a no-brew form. Any liquid or powdered inoculants can be added to improve microbial diversity and colony concentration. To diversify the spectrum of bacteria, add products like EM-1, Microbe Life, SLF-100, etc., and products like stabilized ferments from Fermented Plant Extracts. Mercenary, a light essential oil insecticide, fits flawlessly into a living soil system, as it has minimal impact on beneficial’s in the environment but is extremely effective on target pests like aphids and mites. 

The introduction of the EON nutrient line by Cultured Biologix has brought about significant improvements in living soil systems. The biologically-rated inputs in the EON line act as microbial foods for beneficial microbes in the soil, leading to an overall improvement in soil quality. The EON series also allows for better nutrient density within the plant, resulting in higher sap content, more flavor, and an increase in secondary metabolites such as flavonoids, phenolic acids, terpenoids, and cannabinoids. Overall, EON is a game-changer in the world of living soil systems, and its introduction has significant benefits for plant growth and soil health.