Carbon + Potassium

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Bloom-K (0-0-8) is a proprietary plant-based liquid potassium fertilizer derived from organic fruit rind ash and isolated down to its purest form of potassium. This source of potassium is unique as it is completely plant derived, 100% water soluble, and will not burn like other ionic forms of potassium. This means Bloom-K provides a more efficient and bioavailable form of potassium for both conventional and organic growing systems.

Application Instructions:

Container Planting: Mix 5 – 15 mL of Bloom-K per gallon of water and drench the substrate. Add nutrients to the reservoir, add Bloom-K, and then pH to the desired range. Apply with every feeding in inert mediums, or once a week in soil from late veg into late flower.

Foliar Spray:

Mix 5 – 10 mL of Bloom-K per gallon of water and foliar spray the tops and undersides of the canopy. Apply once a week throughout veg and early flower.