10 Plant EON Bundle

This fertility bundle comfortably grows 10 plants from start to finish. It contains every product you will need from a nutritional standpoint.

  • Grow360

    (8-5-6) w/ secondary nutrients & trace minerals

    Base Fertilizer

    Out of stock

  • Bloom360

    (2-9-6) w/ secondary nutrients & trace minerals

    Base Fertilizer

    1 lb
  • Calci-M

    (3-0-0) w/ Calcium and Magnesium

    Supplemental Fertilizer

    1 lb
  • PK Blossom

    (2-12-10) w/ Zinc and Boron

    Bloom Booster

    1 lb
  • pHlush

    All-Natural Flushing Solution


    Temporarily unavailable

This product is currently unavailable.


10 Plant EON Bundle

The 10 plant EON bundle contains all the nutritional products necessary to grow 10 plants from seed to harvest. These bundles DO NOT contain our teas or Mercenary which can be added to the cart separately. The bundles are a convenient way to ensure your plants nutritional needs are met each cycle.

Receive one of each in our Evolution of Nutrients Series:

  • Grow360 1 pound
  • Bloom360 1 pound
  • Calci-M 1 pound
  • PK Blossom 1 pound
  • pHlush 16oz

View and download the application chart here.