Carbon + Nitrogen

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Veg-N (5-0-0) is a proprietary plant-based liquid nitrogen fertilizer derived from organic, non-gmo soybean protein and isolated down to its purest amino acid form. These L- chain amino acids function as nutrient chelators, as well as aiding in biological processes throughout the plant’s life cycle. Containing 20% carbon and over 30% amino acid content, Veg-N is the perfect organic additive to any conventional (salt-based) and organic growing system.

Application Instructions:

Container Planting: Mix 5 – 15 mL of Veg-N per gallon of water and drench the substrate. Add nutrients to the reservoir, add Veg-N, and then pH to the desired range. Apply with every feeding in inert mediums, or once a week in soil from early veg into mid flower.

Foliar Spray:

Mix 5 – 10 mL of Veg-N per gallon of water and foliar spray the tops and undersides of the canopy. Apply once a week throughout veg and early flower.