Welcome and Thank You for Choosing to Use Cultured Biologix & Nectar For The Gods!

Cultured Biologix, LLC. believes in unifying our industries movement to natural/organic farming, combining companies of like-minds to collaborate on nutritional and microbial programs. To build a foundation of organically minded growers requires the help of more than just one person and/or company. Together we make the world a better place. Together we can evolve growers into gardeners.

Nectar Tea is our ‘Cultured Biologix’ way of building a complete compost tea regimen centered around Nectar for the Gods nutrient line and Cultured Biologix compost tea’s. It provides an easy, simple, and effective compost tea recipe for the ease of use to the hobby grower to the commercial grow facility. Cultured, and Nectar, believes in tuning each input to the stage of plant growth, not providing a general/all-purpose, “kitchen sink” approach ignoring the fact that plants do different things in different stages. This chart allows you to customize your compost teas to your liking without having to brew and guess what is living in the finished compost tea.

Nectar for the God’s products are a revolutionary take on how we process dry organic soil amendments, converting them into a bioavailable liquid. These soil amendments are digested by natural acids (fulvic acids) and provides quick nutritional uptake into the plant, but also act as a broken down, simple food for the beneficial microorganisms in the instant compost teas and the soil ecosystem.

This modern processing technique is then paired with Cultured Biologix’s microbial fertilizers designed around providing specific microorganisms for each stage of plant growth. These microbial fertilizers are built to combine prebiotics (food for beneficial microbes) and probiotics (beneficial bacteria and fungi) on a plant growth promoting substrate to either enhance root production, vegetative growth, or floral performance.

This Nectar Tea regimen is the guideline to building a high-performance compost tea custom tailored to each stage of plant growth. This gives you the baseline to include a compost tea once a week in between your normal feeding regimen. However, understand this is a baseline to have a successful “Tea Day”. Please feel free to customize and build your “Tea Day” to your specific liking.

If you have any questions or comments, contact us or go to www.oregonsonly.com.

We can and will help.