Super Soil Feeding Chart

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Welcome and Thank You for Choosing to Use Cultured Biologix & Nectar For The Gods!

This regimen was designed specifically for super soil users to have a chart to follow on their “Tea Days” in between feeds. It incorporates the “auxiliary” Nectar products into an easy microbial tea for every grower to have the most effective Tea Days throughout their grow cycle.

This tea regimen is a good starting point, but every gardener is different so we suggest you use this as a baseline and develop your own custom twist to your “Tea Day” in between your feeds.

The amounts listed in the tea regimen are the amount you should use for each gallon of water in your tea mixture. Please shake bottles well before pouring and make sure to mix throughout the application process to prevent any settling.

Notes: When it comes to microorganisms, pH is the most sensitive aspect of living and germinating colonies of beneficial bacteria. Harsh pH swings can impact the microbial development of any compost tea, so it is recommended to dilute the Nectar products first, and then pH your solution. After you achieve the desired pH (6.2 to 6.8), add the Cultured Teas to the mixture and apply to your plants.

Use or discard mixed Nectar/Culture solution within 24 hours of dilution. The Nectar will start to bind up and bacteria require oxygen to survive. Stagnant water will suffocate the microbial population and make the Nectar products unavailable to the plant.

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